Friday, July 9, 2010

Fabulous Fail

I arrived at work and unpacked as usual. As I opened the mini fridge to store my lunch I was assaulted by an odor that can only be described as putrid! I quickly learned that the food in the fridge didn’t belong to ANYONE on our floor, or in the entire building for that matter, and therefore NO ONE was going to clean what wasn’t THEIRS to begin with! Frustrating, yes! I for one DO use the mini fridge and am not afraid to admit it. After consulting my manager, I needlessly put a sign on the front of the fridge stating that all contents needed to be claimed by Wednesday at 3pm, or they will be discarded. This was needless because, again, the food didn’t belong to ANYONE in the office. Wednesday 3pm arrives to find me discarding salad dressing that expired in 2007. After scrubbing down the entirety of the inside of the unit, I decided to chip away the huge chunk of ice preventing the usage of the freezer space. To assist in the chipping I used the wooden handle of a knife. Apparently wooden handles have the capability to puncture the Freon line in a mini fridge. Who knew? Not me!

A brief lesson in Freon:
“Freon” is not exact a chemical. “Freon” is actually a trade name that describes a whole class of chemicals used in refrigeration. Most of the chemicals included under the trade name of "Freon" are known as "chlorofluorocarbons." This means that their chemical structure is made up of the main chemical building blocks of carbon and hydrogen, but they also include chlorine and fluorine as well. Without knowing the EXACT version of freon that was used in your refrigerator, one can only comment on the general health effects of freon as a whole.

Basically, it’s not good to breath, and I just exposed the whole office. Also the fridge belongs to one of my coworkers, not the office as a whole. Fabulous!

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