Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabulous Quality Time

The hubby and I now have a new activity to do together, play video games. Playing video games isn't "new" to either one of us. However, we have had quite a time finding one we could both enjoy. The biggest problem we have faced is the fact that I am really a very poor video game player. Who wants to play a game when they KNOW they are going to lose EVERY time. Throwing a game now and then doesn't help the situation. I am so bad that I KNOW when he lets me win. Well, that has all come to an end. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has a special feature that allows for two player to cooperate. I am told this is a two player co-op... whatever. All I know is that I get to be the little pinkish star that AUTOMATICALLY moves around and follows Mario (the Hubby). I help by using the Wii-mote to click on coins (the pinkish star then AUTOMATICALLY collects them), click on enemies (the pinkish star then AUTOMATICALLY pins them down so Mario can kill them), and best of all I can to nothing to HURT Mario! I can join in the middle of the game. I can quit in the middle of the game. Both of which have no consequence on game play. Fabulous!

1 comment:

  1. There're consequences all right -- you help me get coins!