Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fabulous Laundry

After several trips to my parent's washing machine and one trip to the laundry mat that nearly ended in divorce, the hubby and I agreed that it was time to invest in a washing machine. Fabulous! The hubby expressed that he felt we could continue to line dry clothing and therefore did not need to invest in a dyer just yet.

Some Background: My hubby wears black clothing and only black clothing. He does have white socks. Shoes, belts, shirts (with Beatles and Ghostbusters designs), ties and pants are all black. His one pair of workout shorts are black. His swim shorts are black (with a Pac-man design). Black clothing fades quickly, leaving him wearing several different shades of black. He is aware of this issue and concerned about the quality of his clothing. He is unwilling to make the change to colorful clothing.

I was very excited about the new washing machine that was installed in my previously vacant laundry room. This washing machine meant no more packing dirty clothing into my car, no more laundry trips to my parents, and most importantly NO MORE trips to the laundry mat! After experiencing, for about a month, the joy of owning our very own washing machine, the hubby began to notice how many clothing items we were having to replace. This was due to dogs taking the laundry off the line, and enjoying a snack, I explained. The hubby also noticed how crisp his clothing was. This was due to lack of fabric softener, I explained. The third thing he noticed was how quickly his black clothing was fading. This was due to the the extended exposure to direct sunlight, I explained.

It was time to invest in a dryer, he explained. Fabulous!

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  1. FYI - There's a new product on the market from Woolite. It's for your black and dark clothes. Haven't checked it out myself but it may be something you should check into given your hubbies choice of apparel. Did you know that black is the new white. lol