Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fabulous Power Cords

For whatever reason, HP laptop power cords hate me. When the first one died on me, I changed my computer habits as to be easier on my new cord. Fat lot of good that did me! The new cord died on me within the year. Thankfully, the cord had a one year warranty. My tech savvy hubby got on HP’s site and started the process to get me a new cord. After a time he admitted defeat. Calling HP proved to be just as difficult, however. HP claimed that their warranty was only 90 days and we would not be receiving a replacement. Well, we happened to order the cord through (something the Hubby and I highly recommend) and they guarantee the information on their site. They assigned us a case number and advocate. Eventually we will receive a new cord. In the mean time I have no computer and therefore spend my time in the Hubby’s office goofing around and bugging him. Sitting on his couch, I look to my right and see his laptop. “Where is your laptop power cord?” I exclaim! “Is it compatible with mine?” The Hubby looks at me lovingly and answers, “Do you really think that if I had a compatible power cord I would not have given it to you?” *sigh* I know he would … I just got excited… it’s been days (3) since I used my computer! Two days later, I hear the Hubby calling. “I am so sorry” from down the hall. He turns the corner holding a functional cord. While looking for something for himself, he found his old cord. I could have been on the comp this whole time! I am not even the slightest bit upset at the Hubby. I can check Facebook again! Fabulous!