Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabulous Finds

While looking online for the location of Redesign by Goodwill, I saw on the events calendar that Thursdays are dollar days. Now, whether or not it is like the 50% off Saturdays, where EVERYTHING is 50% off, I know not. Worth finding out? YES! Unfortunately it was only the green tag and 32 week items that were a dollar. But all was not lost. I got a $45 pair of shiny black, brand new, flats for $6. Three days later the dogs had a shiny black, brand new, doggie snack. Fabulous!

Anyway, I found the location for Redesign by Goodwill and the hubby and I decided to go check it out. We are not above buying furniture from Goodwill; especially if the pieces are higher end, like Redesign claims. After driving FOR-EV-ER, passing several Goodwill stores, we arrived at the semi-rundown building. So far, unimpressed. After walking around the store, evaluating quality of pieces and comparing prices, still not impressed. Quality low, even by Goodwill standards. Prices high, especially considering quality. Fortunately I had already researched the particular piece I wanted (a futon) and knew the retail price. A trip to a clean, well lit, conveniently located Target later and the Hubby has seating for his man cave. Fabulous.