Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fabulous Sunday morning

Woke-up on time for church. There was nothing to eat in the house. The hubby took me to Einstein’s Bro. Bagels. They toast and butter your bagel for you! Fabulous. I also got a caramel-something coffee which I dare say was better than Dunkin’s version. Got to church and put together communion. Service was good, women’s class was great. Came home and got chores done, read through the paper, gathered coupons. Got super excited at the Target ad. Buy two Wii games get a $20 gift card! And the hubby’s shirts were on sale for $10 each. Get to Target and find a picnic basket and blanket (which I had just, the day before, been telling the hubby I wanted) 75% off, making the set $8! Leave Target with no perishables and decide we would really like lunch. What do I spot across the parking lot? CHIPOTLE! (The hubby’s favorite eatery) Eat lunch, go home. Continue chores including grocery shopping and more laundry. Wait till night fall and go to my parents with a friend to roast marshmallows and eat s’mores! Aren’t days that are blessed by God just Fabulous?

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