Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fabulous Outdoors

This summer my family experienced the Best Camping Trip EVER! I say “my family” because while I was there with them, it was NOT my best camping experience. I was super excited for this trip. I had waited a whole year to revisit the splendor that is Strawberry, AZ. After researching online, the hubby and I bought our first tent (from Target, Wal-Mart doesn’t honor the price listed online). Through a very long chain of emails, Mom, Sister and I put together a menu. Later, Sister, Hubby and I went on a tense shopping spree at the more-than-you-could-ever-need store for food and supplies. My very intelligent Hubby thought it a bad idea to bring our furbabies camping. But as I had already made sure the tent could fit a kennel for them to sleep in and bought the 50 feet of rope each to secure them to a tree, I felt they should join us. After all, if they were fur-less-babies we would bring them, right? (Not to mention we didn’t have any trust worthy furbabysitters.) After driving two and a half hours to the campsite, I was able to enjoy the perfect weather (for about five minutes). Just as we were finishing set-up of the last tent, it began to rain. The rain soon ended and the forest was left feeling refreshed and alive. The furbabies were left feeling “alive” as well, unfortunately! Apparently 50 feet is not enough room for our dogs. If we were near them they complained; if we were away from them they complained; if we let them run wild and free the Hubby was an anxious mess. There was no solution. The next day an Aunt drove up and took us all to Fossil Creek, nearby. Absolutely beautiful water scenes. The furbabies have differing opinions of water. Penny LOVES the water, like any normal chocolate lab. Rita HATES that water, what a freak, right? So I held Penny back from jumping in and having a good time while the Hubby tried to console Rita and assure her that my Sister was not drowning and there was no need to for her barking concern. Miserable! The Hubby finally took both girls and sat in the car. Well I couldn’t enjoy myself knowing that the Hubby (who didn’t want to bring the furbabies in the first place) was sitting in a hot van with barking girls. When we arrived back at camp we had wonderful family friends join us. I also had a massive migraine join me. The hubby and I decided that it was not worth it to stay another night. So we, uhem, I (with the migraine) drove home early. Fabulous!



  1. Ouch... that hurt Tasha... I would have watched your furbabies!

  2. Oh my gosh.. parallel lives. I have a pekingnese and a pomeranian. Guess which one barks at ocean waves because they have the audactiy to come at her? I feel your pain.