Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fabulous Compromises

I love going to the hardware store. Maybe it is because I went so many times as a little girl and it was always a pleasant experience that usually ended with going home and doing a project as a family. Maybe it is because the smell of wood reminds me of my dad. Maybe it is the abundance of beautiful flowers that make me feel like I am so totally NOT in a desert. Who knows! The hubby hates the hardware store. Whether it is the past bad experiences from his childhood, the price of all the items, or the lack of knowledge concerning the various tools I know not. As you can imagine, trips to the hardware store are no longer as pleasant as they once were. Enter or Both offer a virtual room painted in colors of your choice (much more variety than The Sims). The result is a friend and I going to the hardware store after the Hubby, sitting in the comfort of his own home, picks the colors he would like his “man cave” to be. Ah, Saturday trips to the hardware store with friends. Fabulous!

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