Monday, February 7, 2011

(not so) Fabulous Sales Woman

New couches have been on our home’s “wish list” since the beginning. Other home improvements, however, were more important than comfy new couches. Well those couches have made their way to the top of the list. Took almost two years, but they made it! Remembering paint shopping, I would be a liar if I didn’t say I had some hesitation about furniture shopping. Furniture, after all, is more expensive than a gallon of paint. What if we have different ideas about what we want… or like the same piece but want different materials…

Talking to a respected aunt made me think that Pruitt’s would be a good place to make a furniture purchase. Having dealt with their customer service about a return, she still recommended them. Customer service is a very important feature when making a large purchase, so I was happy to hear they worked with her and were so responsive. The Hubby agreed.

After looking at weekly ads and discussing a budget, we headed to the nearest Pruitt’s (which is not very near… but their slogan states, “worth the drive”). We were not immediately greeted by a sales rep and that’s fine with us! We were able to look around un-assaulted. Near the middle of the store the Hubby and I spot an absolutely gorgeous sectional. We both fall in love with it. Fabulous! It is out of our price range. Not so fabulous. Eventually a sales rep asks if we need assistance. I explain that if money were not a consideration we would be ordering the sectional, however money must be considered. At this point she begins the financing pitch. The Hubby’s response, “I will finance a house, I will finance an education, but I will NOT finance a couch! We’ll pay cash.” He’s so smart!

I would like to take this time to state, I know how to talk to my husband. I know what works. I know what doesn’t. As any of you who have met him would imagine, “pulling at the heart strings” doesn’t work. You have to appeal to reason. And you can not under any circumstance make him feel disrespected.

Long story short the sales rep will not leave us alone at this point. We can’t shake her off. As we are standing in front of the dream couch, the lady plops herself down and lets out a sigh that makes me cringe. The Hubby and I turn and look at her. She says, “You know Sir, that you are going to get that couch. I don’t understand why you don’t just give up and start the paperwork.” … … … In my head I say, “YOU STUPID STUPID WOMAN! YOU HAVE JUST RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!” Out loud, I look at her and say, “That is the worst possible thing you could have said.” And I begin to walk toward the door. After all, I know my Husband and I know she just lost a sale. The Hubby looks at her and says, “Way to undermine my free will.” And he follows me out of the store. Fabulous…


  1. What an idiot! I'm glad you two didn't stick around any longer. I absolutely HATE sales people who are like that (which, unfortunately, is most of them)!

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