Friday, February 18, 2011

Mor (Fabulous) Furniture for Less

After a very disappointing Friday, the Hubby and I deserved our fabulous Saturday morning. We slept in late enough to enjoy and not so late to feel bad about ourselves. When we woke we went to Lamar’s doughnuts (NE side of I-17 and Bell. They are the best!) and then drove to the Paradise Valley Area. There, we stopped by a Starbucks and headed into Half Priced Books. Coffee and books = dream date. On our way home we saw a small Farmers Market in a park. We pulled over and walked through the park and around the Farmer’s Market. As we walked I started talking about how truly disappointed I was with the experiences of Friday (see post: (not so) Fabulous Sales Woman). The Hubby agreed that it was a disappointing experience. He also agreed to check out The Room Store. Neither of us had been there and I thought there was one on Bell Rd.

In trying to find The Room Store we spotted a Mor Furniture for Less. Close enough! Walking in we were greeted by a sales associate who offered his help. When we declined, he stepped away indicating where he would be should we need him. As we made our way around the store, looking lost, the same sales associate asked if he could help us locate anything. I told him we were looking for couches, preferably a sectional. He helped us locate a few and then left us alone. As we turned the corner to go in the direction indicate, we see it. IT! The Dream Couch! The SAME EXACT couch from Pruitt’s!

The couch is priced the same as Pruitt’s had it priced. However, Mor was offering 5% off their entire stock (Super Sunday Sale). The Associate noticed that we had been admiring the couch for some time and asked if we had any questions. He began to explain Mor’s financing options. I cut him off and explained that we would pay cash. His response, “In that case Mor will take care of the sale’s tax!” Excellent! “What do you charge for delivery?” I inquired. “$90 delivery fee and deliveries are made between 4pm and midnight.”

Did he just say what I think he said? I could have the Dream Couch in my home TONIGHT?

Currently, I have a beautiful, chocolate brown (same color as the furbabies), down feather cushion, sectional in my living room. Fabulous!

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