Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabulous Furbabies

I have always been a cat lover. I married someone who is allergic to cats. Fabulous right? There was no trickery or deceit. I knew long before we were engaged that he was allergic. Really, truly allergic. I knew too that he was a dog lover. What I didn't know was that his beloved childhood friend would pass away two months before our wedding date. I also didn't know how deep my future hubby's need for a dog was. I had always told him that I wanted a year without a dog. You see, reader, my mom was a chienne amante (dog lover). I had spent my childhood with the stinky, hairy, messy, inconsiderate of peoples' personal space, creatures. I would go to school only to realize in my third hour that the dog had urinated on my back pack. I don't think a year was asking too much, honestly. However it soon became clear to me that my hubby was just not himself without a canine companion. I made the secret decision that we would, at the first opportunity, adopt a furbaby of our own. So the saying is true, love is blinding. Only after the adoption of our 2 gigantic chocolate labs do I remember why, and how deeply, dogs repulse me. Fabulous.