Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabulous Carpet Fiasco

When the Hubby and I bought our home we knew that the carpet would need to be replaced eventually but that it was good enough for now. What we didn’t know was about three weeks later we would have two puppies that would change the status of the carpet from “good enough for now” to “AHHHH! We NEED new carpet!”

It so happened that the In-laws had a nice sized roll of new carpet in their attic that they were more than willing to part with. We discovered this piece of happy news while assisting in the cleaning of their garage and attic.

“Fabulous!” we thought. We will only have to buy carpet glue and padding. That’s good! We arrive at Home Depot (after enlisting the help of my Dad and Brother) to buy the carpet padding. While we know exactly how much padding we need, we have to buy the whole roll (twice as much as we need) at $0.30 a square foot, stretching our budget. That’s bad! We suck it up, buy the padding, and head home. At home the old, nasty carpet comes out with great ease, as does the old nasty carpet padding. That’s good! We roll out the carpet from the In-laws and discover that the nice sized roll of carpet is less than half of what we need. We have twice the padding and half the carpet that we need for the living room. That’s bad! We already ripped out the old stuff, threw it away and now have carpet tack sticking up everywhere. Although the Hubby is not happy about it, we have to buy carpet NOW! We return to Home Depot to price carpet. Finding a color we agree on at a price that is not ridiculous we order our carpet. That’s good. It takes two weeks to get delivered. That’s bad. In that two week time period the Hubby has to have a very sensitive procedure done. So the house is a mess, the Hubby is in recovery, and the carpet is on its way. Well, the carpet on its way is good, I guess. Carpet arrives. Carpet installation takes special tools, special tools that a friend of Dad owns, so we thought. Back to Home Depot to rent tools. Budget? What Budget? *Sigh* that’s bad. Brother installs carpet. It looks and feels amazing. And that is Fabulous!

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